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This tutorial was written by me on September 17, 2014. It was made of my own creation and any similarity is purely coincidental.
I used psp x2 but any version should work without a problem.
If you are doing this tutorial you should have a good knowledge of psp and be familiar with all it's tools.
Lets get started!

Artist: She's A Badass Revamp by Ismael Rac
Scrapkit: FTU Zirconia by TK Designz
Mask: Becky's Mask 042
Font: Wolf in the City light

c/p = copy and paste, ds = drop shadow

File new 650x650, flood fill with white.
Open Blue string frame c/p as new layer, image, free rotate, left 90 degrees.
Click inside frame with your magic wand, expand by 3 and invert.
Open purple polkadots paper, shift D and close the original. Resize by 65% , c/p as new layer under the string frame and hit delete.
Open your tube (please note if you use the tube I used you must have the correct license to use his work.) c/p as new layer above the frame layer and resize to liking and delete any over hang.
Add ds of choice to both your tube and frame layers.

Open black gem star, c/p as new layer under your frame layers and move slightly to the left, add ds of choice.
Open Purple Blue flower, c/p as new layer, resize to liking and place to the left top of frame under the gem star, add ds of choice.
Open Strips Flower Button and c/p as new layer, place above your fame to the right, add ds of choice.
Open BlkFlower and c/p as new layer, place over your tube to the bottom left then add a ds of choice.
Open Blue Clipped Flower, c/p as new layer and resize to liking, place to the bottom right over your tube and add a ds of choice.

Go to your bottom layer, click layer and add new raster layer.
Choce a color from your tube and set it as your background color in your color palette. Use any word or script type brushes and add a few to this layer.
Flood fill the white bg layer with another color of choice and apply the becky mask 042.

Merge visible, crop to size and add credits and name of choice. :)

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